Development of tertiary and open space spaces


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Commitment drives performance:

The commitment of employees is closely linked to their wellbeing in the working environment. Fostering employee wellbeing calls for an environment that is both appealing and suited to their needs.

The « Commitment and Workspaces across the World » study conducted by Steelcase along with Ipsos has shown that high satisfaction with the workspace is correlated with high employee commitment.

Concretely, a workspace that is conducive to employee wellbeing gives a significant boost to the commitment and efficiency of workers.



To create a workspace that is favourable to the wellbeing of individuals, you need to take on board the needs of everyone, not only in terms of equipment, lighting and noise management, but also the general layout of the office.

Can individuals retreat into a sufficient number of private areas? Are there areas for collaboration? Can employees choose their working environment?

These are some of the aspects that must be taken into account while designing your spaces if you want them to facilitate the wellbeing of your workers.

Offering working areas that support different postures, allow varying levels of privacy and a create diverse environments while remaining connected is a vital consideration when it comes to creating a space that fosters commitment.




WorkCafé, a new working environment

These versatile areas combine dining, working, coffee and discussions to form unique spaces, designed not just for social life, but also for working alone or with others or for holding meetings with colleagues.

With a diversity of environments and equipment, the essential activities of an individual throughout their working day are all supported by the same workplace.