Office space layout and design : Tertia's Requirements


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Space in offices, a new living environment

Changing workplace habits and advancing technology have led to the emergence of new ways of working.

Technology has resulted in the development of home working and continuous access to data; at the same time, organisations need individuals to collaborate more closely and share more information with each other, to achieve ever higher goals.

Studies have demonstrated the influence of the working environment on individuals, particularly their commitment and wellbeing, which drive performance.
Offering a space that is adapted to its user is a key aspect of a company’s strategy, as it guarantees the productivity of every employee.

On average, individuals spend more time in the workplace than anywhere else; the office has become their living environment.
Today, it is crucial to create environments that take account of that fact, while addressing the issues raised by new ways of working in companies, such as home working.

A space that meets the needs and expectations of individuals will make the company more attractive and boost performance, and, more importantly, secure the commitment and wellbeing of its employees.

We are in the business of creating spaces, offering a tailored experience to each customer and at the same time offering projects that address the requirements of the day and the issues specific to each organisation.

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