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Our designs Description
Designing and preparation of planning rules The planning of your office reflects the culture of your company, and you can ensure that every one of your operating sites conveys the same image and values. That is where we can help you prepare a consistent set of planning rules. By establishing your planning rules, you create a reference system that defines the organisation of different types of space, and the choice of materials, furniture and colours.
Layout study Our staff will help you study your needs and initiate the project in order to design spaces that support the strategic objectives of your company.

Methodology :

  • Prospective interviews and formalisation of strategic needs
  • Collection of individual and group data via interviews, plays or online questionnaires,
  • Definition of typical workstations,
  • Preparation of zoning based on a functional relations chart and an area distribution table,
  • Project outline,
  • Final project and layout plan, possibly with budget recommendations,
Interior design How can interior design make your organisation more profitable? Conveying values and company culture through the design and decoration of offices and making spaces more dynamic to motivate users are some of the requirements that need to be addressed by interior designing.
Tailored layout solutions When a standard plan cannot deliver the desired results, we can offer tailored solutions. Reception counters, storage units or cafeterias can benefit from the product adaptations and purpose-built units that our staff can offer you to meet your needs in terms of image, materials, dimensions or functionality.